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With endless selections of silk flowers in the market place, how do you determine the good from the bad? There are many factors that makes a high quality silk flower; we will explore which factors you should look out for and why. 


Colour is often the most overlooked aspect when purchasing silk flowers. Yes, pink may be pink and yellow may be yellow, so how big could the difference be? Let's take a look at the all-time classic, the rose.


Flowers found in nature never comes in one solid colour. The seamless gradient with it's adjoining colours and shade is what gives the flower life and beauty. High quality silk flowers should allude such qualities. 

Roses in Example 1A is widely available in today's market place. Although there is an apparent gradient on each petal, the monochromatic scheme does not give the flower any life. 

In comparison, the highest quality roses found in the market at consists of multiple colour palettes. The colours are seamlessly infused together, giving a natural yet gorgeous gradient. Colour may not seem important when comparing stem to stem, however when multiple flowers are used in an arrangement, the effect of using high quality flowers compared to low quality flowers could be astounding. From experience, the quality of colour can truly make or break your arrangement no matter how well it's designed or made. 


The amount of petals surrounding the pistil can easily determine the quality of the flower. The more intricate and sophisticated flowers will typically have more petals. The cost of manufacturing is relative to the intricacy of the petals, the greater amount of petals, the higher the cost of manufacturing. 



By looking at the patterns and veins on an silk flowers, you can easily determine the quality of the flower. High quality flowers typically have deep veins and extensive natural patterns that includes multiple shades of colour. The depth in detail comes at a higher cost during manufacturing so most manufacturers tends to put less emphasis on it. 

However, the details is what makes or breaks a floral arrangement. Let's take a look at how you can determine the quality of the flower by looking at their patterns & veins.


Looking at the Phalaenopsis Orchid in 3A, you can find the lack of patterns or veins imprinted on the fabric. This lack of detail will significantly devalue the final floral arrangement and severely affect the quality of your final products. 

In comparison, the highest quality Phalaenopsis Orchid found in the market recreates the fundamental pattern and veins of an actual Phalaenopsis Orchid. The use of 3D moulding and printing is introduced to create this Orchid; this shift in manufacturing process allows for precise and sophisticated patterns to be made in our modern day silk flowers.

Furthermore, only having a pattern printed on top of the petal is not enough to create a sophisticated natural orchid. The petal will have to go through a heat press to give every petal a set of imprinted veins that makes the orchid feel as real as it looks. 


If you have ever used silk flowers for any occasion, you will know that silk flowers have a tendency to develop frayed edges. Silk flowers made with silk and fabric will always have frayed edges. So how does a high quality fabric silk flower avoid or reduce fraying edges?


Looking around the market, it is incredibly common to find roses that is in Example 4A. The fraying edges on every petal makes any floral arrangement look fake and cheap.

In comparison, there is a significant reduction in frayed edges on the highest quality roses found in the market. This is due to a change in manufacturing process; before any petal is cut from the piece of fabric, the fabric is coated in a unique latex that not only makes the petal feel incredibly real but significantly helps reduce the fraying edges.

Finding flowers with no fraying edges is crucial to avoid making a floral arrangement that screams 'fake' whenever someone looks at it. 


We always hear 'the beauty is in the details'. The highest quality silk flowers will take it one step further and place extra emphasis in the details on every leaf. The leaves may seem unimportant, but it plays a crucial role in any floral arrangement. The leaves are what fills empty voids and adds texture & definition to an arrangement; so it should be no surprise that the highest quality silk flowers will place extra emphasis on the leaves to create a truly premium high quality silk flower. 


In comparison, the leaves currently in the market is significantly less intricate and the printing is misaligned and inconsistent. With the leaves on high quality silk flowers, not only the veins are intricate, the printing on every leaf is very consistent and aligned.

Furthermore, the colour of the leaves on high quality silk flowers is determined by the colour of the flower. With floral colours that feels like autumn, the leaf will be relatively darker that matches with the autumn theme. Whereas spring floral colours will be matched with a vibrant leaf. 

These level in details should not be overlooked when purchasing silk flowers. The quality of the silk flower strictly determines the quality of the final floral arrangement. Therefore when purchasing silk flowers, it is critical to pay attention to all these factors to ensure your final product will look as perfect as you make it. 

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